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From the designer galleries of New York to specialty shops of California, these one-of-kind lampshades are hand blown and designed by artist/owner Bryan Raskin, and his handpicked team of talented glass blowers. The artist personally signs ever shade as it is created in their studio, located among the towering redwoods in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

The warm earth tones and intricate patterns of these shades are achieved through the utilization of formula unique to the glassblowers of Mirador Glass.

It is these unique features and beautiful results that have created a desire for Mirador Glass shades amongst a diverse grouping of residential and commercial structure structures throughout the world.

Shades created Mirdor Glass utilize SCHOTT DURAN, a scientifically designed German made glass. with outstanding thermal shock resistant properties. Each item offered for sale has passed a quality control process and is backed by the Mirador guarantee against structural defects.

Visit their studio and watch the glassblowers at work. Mirador Glass looks forward to helping you design the perfect shades for your home or business.


Mirador Glass 1590 NURSERY WAY, SUITE #5 •
PH 707 839 0909 • FAX 707.839.0979


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