Contact Us: Mirador Glass 1590 NURSERY WAY, SUITE #5 • MCKINLEYVILLE, CA 95519  PH 707 839 0909 • FAX 707.839.0979


Mirador Guarantee.. Satisfaction that your product from us is free of structural defects. 

All online purchase have a one week money back guarantee from the time of you receiving goods. Buyer pays all return shipping fees.
One month Exchange for any goods that are unsatisfactory. for in store or online credit shipping and handling fees for returns buyer pays all.

Products with a life time grantee are the follows..
STEMMED WINE GLASSES, CHAMPAGNE,  AND MARTINI GLASSES ALL HAVE LIFE TIME GUARANTEE! shipping not included on returns and shipping back out.

 If you deem that UPS or any other shipper carrier is at fault for damage goods contact us immediately. Please email us with photos with in one week of receiving goods.  email us mirador(@)



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