Glass Chicken Plug Roaster

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Safer than an aluminum can! It's the Chicken Plug Roaster. Perfect for the oven or grill. This glass poultry cooking apparatus has become a customer favorite. The patented Chicken Plug Roaster is designed to replace the aluminum can in your favorite whole chicken recipe "Beer Butt Chicken". Also known as "Chicken on a Throne", this method produces a moist, full flavored bird every time. Made from sturdy, shock resistant, scientific borosilicate glass. The Chicken Plug Roaster is a non-toxic, easy to clean, reusable alternative to the beer can. You can fill this with whatever you want! When the roaster is filled with herbs & spices, beer or wine, olive oil, it turns into a mini liquid smoker. Infusing the chicken with flavor! The chicken fat drips away as the bird is instantly marinated with your favorite flavors. Cook directly on the grill or place in a baking pan in the oven. US Pat.#D591105S