Handblown Glass Soap Dispenser Available in Many Colors

$41.00 available: In Stock
These stunningly beautiful soap dispensers are available in all of our signature swirl colors, that compliment our tumbers, stemless and stemmed wineglasses, and cruets.  Your guests will see right away that your style is classy and unique-- this is not like anything you'd find in a big box store! Each soap dispenser is individually hand crafted, using high quality borosilicate glass. This means they are durable and shock resistant enough to use in kitchen and bathroom settings, but be careful- it is still glass!  These dispensers hold between 12-14 oz of liquid soap (or get creative and pump out mouthwash, supplements, lotion).  We have had customers tell us they like to experiment with different colored liquid soaps to enjoy varied effects. The cork pump is easily replaceable.  If you decide to switch uses, no problem, just pop in the dishwasher and it will be clean as new.
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